Residents Report Two Hit-And-Run Car Accidents

November 3, 2009

Residents reported two hit-and-run car accidents in West University Place last week. On Oct. 29, a car was parked in the 2600 block of Arbuckle Street and another vehicle crashed into it but did not stop to provide information. Also on Oct. 29, a woman visited the police station to report that on Oct. 17 someone hit her parked vehicle without stopping to give information.

Police arrested a driver on Oct. 25 after an officer pulled her over because the vehicle’s tail lights were out. The woman gave the officer a bogus name and date of birth at first, but when that information returned no results, she finally gave her proper identification. Police arrested the woman for a suspended license and an active warrant.

On Oct. 26 an officer pulled over a car for having an expired vehicle registration. He found that two passengers were reported as missing juveniles, and he took them to the Chimney Rock Center for juveniles after he couldn’t get in touch with their parents.

Other crimes reported during the week of Oct. 26 to Nov. 1 include:

  • Police arrested a man on Oct. 30 in the 3700 block of Sunset Boulevard for soliciting without having registered as a solicitor.
  • On Oct. 30 police responded to a car burglary in the 2600 block of Bissonnet Street. The victim said someone broke into his car and stole his property.
  • A driver was arrested on Oct. 30 for two West U. warrants and seven warrants from outside agencies. An officer caught the driver after pulling him over in the 2600 block of Werlein Street for not stopping at a stop sign.
InstantNewsWestu Staff

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