Residents Report Incidents Of Criminal Mischief

May 28, 2010

On May 17, a bicycle was stolen from a home in the 3800 block of Riley.

On May 19, a resident’s personal information was used to open several online bank accounts and a debit card was used to withdraw money out of several ATM machines.

On May 20, a bicycle and some equipment were stolen out of a garage in the 4000 block of Coleridge.

On May 20, a purse was stolen out of a vehicle in the 6400 block of Rutgers.

On May 21, a vehicle was damaged when someone tried breaking into the car in the 3100 block of Quenby.

On May 21, personal property was stolen from a car that was borrowed from an automobile dealership in the 3100 block of Tangley.

On May 22, a resident reported an accident where someone did not stop and exchange information.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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