Residents Raise Concerns About Toxic Dust, Door Hangers

February 10, 2009

Residents at Monday night’s West U. City Council meeting brought up concerns about toxic dust and door hangers during the public speaking portion of the meeting.


Herman Dobbs, a resident in the 3500 block of Nottingham, had additional comments concerning a subject on the previous council agenda – leaf blowers. The issue was originally brought up by resident Joe Foster, who told council in an e-mail that his family missed an emergency phone call due to noise from a gas powered leaf blower.


Council requested at the meeting that staff gather information on issues such as quieter models, less polluting models, what other cities have done regarding the matter, how much more it could cost to have a yard maintained without the use of the equipment and possibilities for more restrictive quiet hours.


“I missed the last meeting in which apparently it was discussed,” said Dobbs. “I want to bring up an additional concern – these blowers have their own toxic products, including the noise and chemicals…in addition they aggravate another toxic problem, heavy metals in the street.”


Dobbs told council that the leaf blowers stir up street dust, which he says contains toxic dust. He suggested that the city could possibly control the use of leaf blowers in the street and public right of way.


“They blow this toxic dust into the lings of our children and into my face, too,” said Dobbs.


Gail Rosenthal, a resident of the 2600 block of Cason, shared concern about door hangers – especially ones issued by the city.


“I have a particular dislike of door hangers,” said Rosenthal. “Unfortunately, I live close to Kirby, so I get more than my fair share of them.” She added that on a previous Thursday, she received three of the advertising hangers which she took to the police station, where she also confirmed that she is on the no-knock list. She says she then received one Saturday, from the city’s Recycling Board.


“I consider anybody who puts a door hanger on my door trespassing on my property,” said Rosenthal. “I’m concerned because I don’t want to be robbed…if I am out of town, I cannot remove them. I can only do so much with companies. I think something can be done to stop the West U. Recycling Board.”


Council members are unable to respond to any items that are not on the current agenda, which includes the concerns of speakers.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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