Residents Asked To Sign Up For E-mail Alerts To Stay Informed On Parks Redevelopment Issues

November 18, 2008

The winter edition of West U.’s City Currents will likely contain an insert containing information for residents interested in participating in the planning stages for the new Recreation Center and Colonial Park pool and building recently approved by voters.


Resident Helen Talianchich asked council to send a mail-out to each residence to inform them of meeting times and places – which would cost the city quite a bit, according to City Manager Michael Ross. Ross said the best way for residents to stay informed was to sign up for e-mail alerts from the city at


Users who sign up for the alerts receive e-mails each time a board, commission or city council is scheduled to meet. Councilman Michael Talianchich asked Ross how many people were signed up for the alerts, and indicated it might not be the best method of communication for senior residents.


The Parks Board will head up the project, working with architectural firm PGAL on the final details for the projects. Bob Fry has been named as council liaison for the project.


“I think as far as the Parks Board, that’s probably the best way to do it,” said Fry. “They are the experts.”


Parks and Recreation Director Tim O’Connor asked council if Senior Board member John Neighbors could be on the board to provide ‘critical’ input from the senior population.


Kelly said he was concerned that allowing Neighbors on the board would create a ‘slippery slope’ of other board members interested in joining.


“I totally agree with you,” said Neighbors. “I am not looking for another job on the Parks Board…a portion of the project directly involves not only the physical facilities for our seniors but also the programs. It still makes sense in the implementation stage that the Senior Board has some input, whether it is formal or informal.”


“There are so many groups that want input, I think the input should come through the open meetings,” said Kelly.


“I would like to see some workshops with the Parks Board after they have had one meeting to discuss some details,” said Talianchich. “We were elected by the people as their representative, and we have chosen a Parks Board, but I don’t think we should just leave it up to the Parks Board, we should get more involved and take the process, slow it down a fraction.”


“I am sure we will have some workshops with them along the way,” said Kelly. “Anyone on council can go to a (Parks Board) meeting. I envision they will probably be meeting on a fairly regular basis.”



InstantNewsWestu Staff

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