Resident Says Lake Street Used As Extended Parking Lot For Rice Village

June 9, 2009

West U. resident Elan Tavor says his street – Lake Street – has been increasingly used by patrons of nearby Rice Village, and has submitted a proposal to the city for permit parking. Tavor said that numerous people park on his street and others in Virginia Court, then walk to the village, turning the area “into an extended parking lot for the Rice Village.”


“Residents shouldn’t be penalized for living here, and not be able to park on the street, but at the same time, there are many people who come here who commit petty crimes, petty thefts, muggings – people who don’t belong here,” Tavor told West U. City Council Monday night.


Tavor says two weeks ago, his wife went outside to find his truck on bricks with all four tires stolen. He also says people park on his street, visit bars in Rice Village, and return in the evening or late night hours intoxicated.


“One night there was an altercation between a man and a woman in the middle of the night,” said Tavor. “She, I think, broke his car window, and woke up a bunch of neighbors.”


Tavor’s proposal includes an option for residents to purchase permits for lawn care workers, house keepers and guests, as well as the ability for construction crews to purchase permits from the city. He says a similar program has worked well for his parents in Old Braeswood, who have experienced parking issues due to overflow from the Medical Center.


City Manager Michael Ross told council that the problem has been noted by the city, and the police department will pursue law enforcement channels before the city contemplates a permit parking ordinance. Should regular police enforcement not solve the problem, Ross says staff will submit an alternative proposal to council at a later date.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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