Resident Says Home Under Construction Stands Out Like A ‘Broken Tooth’

March 11, 2009

Chris Mooney – a recent transplant to Texas and resident on Swarthmore in West U.  – is concerned about a house under construction on his street. Mooney spoke to council Monday night, about a home he and some of his neighbors consider less than aesthetically pleasing. front-of-house


“We are new residents to Texas, and when we moved in there was some construction starting on our block,” said Mooney. “As the year went on, we got something on the block that we didn’t quite anticipate because we felt is was so far outside of the aesthetic character of West University that there is a potential negative impact to the block and resale value.”


The home, in the 4000 block of Swarthmore, is without a doubt different than any home on the street. Still under construction, the front of the home is cement slab with no windows and no visible front door. A strip of yellow paint tops off the structure, running around the entire house. Windows on the side of the home are placed near the top of the structure.


Mooney asked council to investigate the possibility of created a review panel for home design.


“We (he and his wife) have talked to the neighbors on the block,” said Mooney. “Although we have a great deal of respect for individual property rights and the rights of individuals to do with their land as they see fit, we also believe there is a certain responsibility on the community’s side to protect those who have already made their investments.”


Council is not able to comment on subject brought up by speakers.


“I am just hoping that this example can be used to start a conversation about what West University can do to promote the general welfare of the entire community and finding something of an architectural identity that everyone can rely upon to make what are significant investments into new homes a little more of a safer investment.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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