Reported Theft Could Have Happened 30 Years Ago

April 14, 2009

On April 7 a resident reported a crime that could have happened anytime during the past 30 years. The resident told police that she recently discovered that a diamond ring no longer had the original diamond in it. She said the diamond was replaced with a synthetic stone at some point in the last 30 years.


Two days later, on April 8, a resident told police that her wedding ring was missing, and she was not sure if it was missing or stolen.


Police stopped a car in the 6000 block of Buffalo Speedway after observing the vehicle weaving in the roadway around 12:52 a.m. April 5. The driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated.


A driver pulled over for an expired inspection sticker around 10:19 a.m. April 6 in the 3700 block of Georgetown was arrested for having three outstanding warrants out of Houston. The driver was also cited for the inspection sticker. Also on April 6, police picked up a prisoner from the Houston Police Department with warrants out of West U. Another HPD prisoner was picked up by WUPD on April 8 for two outstanding West U. warrants. On April 9, a drive pulled over for lack of car registration was arrested for outstanding HPD warrants. Also on April 9, police picked up a prisoner from a Webster police officer. The prisoner had four outstanding West U. warrants.


A driver who changed lanes without signaling in the 4100 block of Bissonnet was arrested April 11 for lack of a driver’s license and proof of insurance as well as three outstanding warrants out of Houston. Later that day, a driver was pulled over in the 2800 block of Sunset for an expired registration sticker and arrested for having no driver’s license, no insurance and five warrants out of HPD.


A driver pulled over for traffic violations in the 5700 block of Buffalo Speedway on April 9 was arrested after giving police a fake name. Once the driver’s identity was discovered, police found he has a felony warrant out of Harris County for possession of a controlled substance.


A driver pulled over for lack of a front license plate was arrested for driving with a suspended license. The driver did not have car insurance on the vehicle.


A resident in the 6700 block of Sewanee told police on April 9 that she was leaving town and was concerned about her child’s welfare due to a history of abduction attempts by out of state family members. The information was for documentation purposes.


A driver traveling 60 mph in the 6300 block of Buffalo Speedway was arrested for drunk driving after being pulled over around 2:19 a.m. April 10.


A group of juveniles playing a prank caused a resident to tell police she was worried about a stalker. On April 10, the resident came to the police department and told police that an unknown person delivered a pizza to her house along with a letter. The unknown person was not a pizza delivery driver. The resident was concerned that she was being stalked and harassed, and a police investigation revealed that it was a prank.


Around 9:25 p.m. April 10, police saw the driver of a car in the 2900 block of University screaming out of the vehicle’s window. The car was pulled over in the 6300 block of Westchester, and found the occupants to be minors drinking alcohol. The driver was cited for driving under the influence, and a passenger was cited for consumption of alcohol by a minor.


A driver pulled over in the 5800 block of Community on April 11 for lack of a light on the car’s license plate was arrested for driving without a license.


InstantNewsWestu Staff

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