Railroad Quiet Zone Not So Quiet For Now

June 24, 2009

According to West U. staff, some residents have called concerned about trains using their horns in what is now designated as a quiet zone. The noise is temporary – and required – according to Chris Peifer, Assistant City Manager and Public Works Director, federal law requires the horn when workers are on the tracks, so the noise will continue as long as Union Pacific is working on their maintenance.


“It’s only temporary,” said Peifer, who said the workers are also not required to observe West U.’s quiet hours, but have been “very respectful.”


UP recently closed the crossings at Bissonnet Street and Bellaire Boulevard for improvements and those closures were the only time workers did not observe normal working hours.


The next step in UP’s maintenance involves leveling the rail bed, which includes the replacement if cross ties. The cross ties that are pulled out will be stacked on the side of the track and removed by another contractor.


City Manager Michael Ross added that workers have graded the drainage ditch in the backyards of West U. homes, removing all the scrub brush and allowing better drainage of standing water.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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