Profane Sign on S. Judson Street

April 16, 2015
This  profane banner hangs on a garage on S. Judspn Street.

This profane banner hangs on a garage on S. Judson Street.

The competition for real estate in the city of West University Place is fierce — very fierce. As a result, the level of public discourse in West University Place has reached a new low.

Kristen Flores, a resident of S. Judson Street, has filed a complaint against her next-door neighbor, Hugh Brazier, over an “offensive and profane” banner that he hung on his garage.

The banner, which is written in red letters on a white banner, has “offensive and profane language, which is visible from all my upstairs windows,”. Flores said.

The banner is written in Spanish — not very good Spanish — but it’s clear that Brazier has an apparent fondness for the “F-word.”

The signt says: “Puto Flores Merd Chinga Tu Madre.” Ms. Flores said Wednesday that the sign shows that her neighbor, “Clearly doesn’t like us very much.”

“We’ve had some issues in this neighborhood,” Flores said. “We bought a lot next to both of our properties. He also wanted to buy it.” The next step in the not-so-neighborly dispute is for the clerk of the Court to give Flores’ complaint to the city prosecutor.

West U Communications Manager Maura Leon-Barber said Thursday,

“The complaint was sent to the prosecutor for review, and he is reviewing it. That’s really the next step,” Leon-Barber said.

If criminal charges are accepted, the West U Police Department will serve the defendant with a citation and/or a copy of the complaint. The police department also will notify the defendant of the court date.