Police Warn Residents About Scams Involving Items For Sale On The Internet

August 7, 2008

Two West U. residents have reported cases of fraud involving Internet sales in the last week.

In both cases, the resident was selling an item on the Internet – one on Craig’s List, the other on EBay. The sellers then received checks from a supposed buyer for amounts greater than the items for sale, along with an e-mail instructing the seller to send the extra amount to a certain address. Both residents contacted the police.

According to West U. Police Lieutenant Charlie Deily, this is a common scam that residents should watch out for when selling items on the internet. The scammers send a bogus check for more than the amount of the item they are purchasing. They then send an e-mail to the seller, instructing them to send the “extra” amount to a certain address. If the seller does so before the check clears, they are out not only the item they were selling, but also the amount of money they sent to the supposed buyer.

Deily advises residents to always make sure checks sent for items clear before sending the item to the buyer. He also says residents should contact the police if they receive a check for greater than the amount of the item for sale.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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