Police Report Nine Car Burglaries In Four Days

April 14, 2009

West U. police reported nine car burglaries in four days in their most recent police report, five occurring on April 10. On April 6, three cars were broken into, and police found a stolen vehicle in the area that they believe could have been used as transportation for the thieves.


On April 6, burglaries were reported in the 3100 block of Tangley, the 3000 block of Tangley and the 2800 block of Georgetown. On April 9, a car burglary was reported in the 3100 block of Tangley. On April 10, cars were broken into in the 4100 block of Milton, the 4200 block of Byron and in three other locations in the city. In several instances, windows were broken. In one instance, a door lock was broken and one car was left unlocked by the owner.


Police say it is too soon to say if the burglaries are related, but it is a “good possibility” because several of the thefts were in the same area around the same time.


“Holidays typically bring more burglaries of a motor vehicle than usual,” said Lieutenant  Charlie Deily with the West U. Police Department. “Basically crime prevention always begins with the owner of the property.  Try not to park on the street, and try not to leave the car outside, use your garage.  Beyond that, use the driveway.  Never leave anything in the car, most especially don’t leave anything visible.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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