Philip Bryant

April 21, 2009

West U. City Council candidate Philip Bryant, an attorney with Boyer & Ketchand, has lived in West U. for 12 years. Bryant is also the owner of the Marina Bay Harbor multilevel boat storage facility in Clear Lake. He became a member of the West U. Rotary in 2007, and is a 2008-2009 Rotary board member. He and his wife have two sons, and Bryant has been involved in West University Little League since 2007.


Bryant, who ran unsuccessfully for council two years ago, says he has no “hidden agenda” and decided to run for council on the basis of “simple civic-mindedness.”


“I would like to utilize my experience and knowledge as a developer, business owner and attorney to serve all citizens of West U.,” said Bryant. “West University Place is to me, and I am assuming others as well, somewhat a slice of hometown America in the fourth largest city in the United States. We as citizens of West U. are blessed to live in West U. We have an excellent police force and an excellent fire department, we have our own city government, we have zoning and our property values in West U., in my view, can do nothing but increase.”


Bryant says the three main issues facing the city are completing the $13.8 million parks redevelopment on time and within budget, looking closely at any new spending due to the national economic climate and monitoring the municipal retirement system.


“The first item we need to complete obviously is the West U. Fitness Center and Colonial Park,” said Bryant, a supporter of the parks bond who says the current council has done well through the process so far. “I think the number one priority is seeing these projects completed on time and within budget.”


He also says the new council needs to take the national and international financial climate into consideration when contemplating new spending, and will need to watch carefully the municipal retirement system.


“I have children and we use West U. Little League and we use the parks facilities and I want to contribute to the community, and I want to do it via city council,” said Bryant.



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