Pershing, T.H. Rogers, Bellaire, Lamar Students Prominent In Art And Writing Competition

February 9, 2009

Young artists and writers throughout Harris County are being honored as regional winners of Harris County Department of Education’s 2009 Scholastic Art & Writing competition. HISD middle and high school students won 38 “Gold Key” awards and 35 “Silver Key” awards. Scholastic Writing winners are being honored at the Harris County Department of Education, 6300 Irvington, tomorrow, Feb. 10 and Feb. 12 from 6:30-8:30 p.m., and Scholastic Art winners will be recognized Feb. 17, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Regional winners in the competition are recognized in February, and “Gold Key” winners—the highest regional award—advance to national competition in New York City. Last year, 32 teens from Harris County were honored in New York City as national winners. Past recipients of these awards include icons like Joyce Carol Oates, Andy Warhol, Truman Capote and Robert Redford.

HISD’s “Gold Key” Writing Award winners are: Elizabeth Wright, Judy Wu, Caroline Bybee, Lumeng Li, Sharon Sun, Caroline Weisman, and Julian Seale from Bellaire High School; Magdalen Vaughn from Lamar High School; Amalia Gonzalez, Andres Valderama, Sergio Lopez, Ismael Loera, and Meshaal Nadeem from the DeBakey High School for Health Professions; Jackie Luo, Isabel Amador, (Ann) Xin Yi He, Taylor Avie, Emma Basen-Engquist, and Will Larsen from T.H. Rogers Middle School.

“Silver Key” Writing Award winners in HISD include Bellaire High School’s Anna Meriano, Jin Kim, Erika Barrero, Liang Gu, and Julian Seale; Carnegie Vanguard High School’s Leah Caplan; DeBakey High School for the Health Professions’ Fatimah Hameed, Adriana Kalinchuk, Ahmad Qamar, Asiya Kazi, Cecilia Liang, and Akili Smith-Washington; and from T.H. Rogers Middle School, Michelle Huang, Jackie Luo, and Michael Cai.

HISD’s “Gold Key” Art Award winners are: Yi-min Wang, Kenneth Godoy, Duncan O’Connor, and Joean Yang from Bellaire High School; Juan Garza and Monica Rendon from Chavez High School; Angela Ko and Andrea Nguyen from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts; Ruth Lin, Kirby Martino, and Marisa Valente from Pershing Middle School; Nathan Arciniega-Adams, Emma Basen-Engquist, Elaine Dong and Yinan He from T.H. Rogers Middle School; Toluwaleke Ayannusi, Caitrin McGibbon, and Katey Qualls from Westbriar Middle School; and Alexandra Pintus from Westside High School.

“Silver Key” Art Award winners in HISD include Bellaire High School’s Ashley Tsai, Shannon Vanderhill, Liang Gu, and Jaclyn Rosenthal; Chavez High School’s Gabriela Fernandez, Juan Garza, Victoria Salazar, Josias Badillo, and Leslie Ochoa; Hamilton Middle School’s Darla Loyola; Pershing Middle School’s Brian Lin, Stephania Dolgopolova, and Kirby Martino; T.H. Rogers Middle School’s Ann He, James Kerley, and Hanying Li; West Briar Middle School’s Juliana Lotero and Kearston Price; and Westside High School’s Alexandra Pintus and Gloria Castro.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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