People React With Sadness About Teas Nursery Closing

November 12, 2009

Longtime customers of Teas Nursery reacted with feelings of sadness and disappointment this week upon learning the 100-year-old Bellaire business will soon close.

Tom Teas, the president and head of the landscaping side of the business, refused to speak with InstantNewsBellaire about the closing because he said he had no new information to give other than what other media outlets reported over the weekend.

Other news organizations reported that Teas plans to sell its five-acre property in the 4400 block of Bellaire Boulevard to private developers who aim to build homes on the land.

The nursery site used to encompass 10 acres, but the company sold off half the land to home developers in 2002.

It is unknown whether the nursery will relocate to another area.

Read more about Teas Nursery closing in the Bellaire Examiner and the Houston Chronicle.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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