PAC Apologizes To Huffman For Erroneous Allegations

October 20, 2008

The Best For Texas political action committee has issued an apology to District 17 candidate Joan Huffman for campaign material claiming Huffman took 78 days of vacation a year while serving as a Criminal District Court Judge.

“New information has been presented to us,” said Best for Texas political director Allen Blakemore, “and we now understand our earlier assertion to be untrue. To Judge Huffman and her supporters, I apologize. We were not diligent enough in our research. The matter of exactly how much vacation she took remains a question. But it is quite clear that the number is not 78 days, nor is that number close. We did not make the charge without forethought. We had conducted research and believed our claim when we made it. We were, however, in error. In the past 48 hours, Judge Huffman’s campaign has released two sets of records – one from the Administrative Judicial Region of Texas indicating that she took 115 days of vacation during her 6.4 years on the bench – and another from the Administrative Office of the District Courts indicating that she took 123 days of vacation during the same period. This underscores the difficulty in conducting this kind of research.

Huffman’s campaign says candidate Austen Furse met with Huffman in the city of Southside Place to apologize personally. Blakemore is Furse’s political consultant.

“Austen Furse owes an apology to the families of SD17 that he lied to, not me,” said Huffman. “Mr. Furse has deliberately misled the voters through his reckless conduct and lies, and he needs to apologize to each voter he misled, by our count approximately 55,000. It will be up to the voters to accept his apology, and he will learn their verdict on November 4.”

“It was never our intention to make any false claim about Judge Huffman’s record. We have removed the erroneous material from our Web site. I hope Judge Huffman will accept our apology,” Blakemore said.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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