Open Door Mission Receives $25,000 Grant From Baylor/Methodist Community Health Fund

March 6, 2009

Open Door Mission, a local faith-based recovery and rehabilitation shelter, was awarded a $25,000 grant from the Baylor/Methodist Community Health Fund to support the Mission’s on-site Russell M. Scott, Jr., M.D. Convalescent Care Center, announced Rick Hill, executive director at Open Door Mission.


The Baylor/Methodist Community Health Fund is an agreement between Baylor College of Medicine and The Methodist Hospital to directly support the medically underserved in the Greater Houston area through non-profit organizations whose funding priorities align with those of the founding institutions. The BMCHF is a $16 million fund administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation at the direction of the BMCHF Committee. The $25,000 amount is anticipated to be dispersed over a five year period.


The RMSCCC at Open Door Mission provides homeless men, at no cost, a safe short-term nurturing environment, with the basics of food, clothing, and shelter. The function of the RMSCC is to facilitate the care prescribed by the hospital, clinic, social service organization, or other entity that referred the patient. The RMSCCC also offers a wide array of supportive social services such as: scheduling clinic visits, transporting residents to hospitals, clinics and physician’s offices, aiding in the resolution of legal matters and long-term housing assistance, facilitating access to legal aid, and helping residents make plans for spiritual rehabilitation by encouraging them to participate in a church recovery community.


“We are honored to have this support and endorsement from Baylor/Methodist Community Health Fund,” said C. Stratton Hill, M.D., of Open Door Mission’s Russell M. Scott, Jr., M.D. Convalescent Care Center. Hill serves on the Open Door Mission Foundation Board of Trustees, on the Board’s Executive Committee and in the volunteer position of Vice President of Health Services for the Mission.


“We are going to use the money,” Hill said, “to continue to improve access to and advocacy for quality medical care for our men.  With so many of our donors affected by the worsening economy, this is an extremely welcome gift.  We are very grateful to the Baylor/Methodist Community Health Fund and to all of Open Door Mission’s generous and compassionate supporters.”


For more information about Open Door Mission, visit or call 713-921-7520.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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