One Of Three Robbery Suspects Shoots Himself Inside Bellaire CVS

May 11, 2009

One of three robbery suspects is dead after he apparently shot himself during a robbery of the CVS Pharmacy at 5430 Bissonnet in Bellaire last night.


The robbery occurred around 11:30 p.m., as the manager was getting ready to lock up the store for the night. The manager, a clerk and three customers were inside the store when two men enter the store with hoods over their faces and carrying handguns.


The suspects told everyone to get on the floor, and one suspect watched the customers on the floor while the other went behind the counter and took them money from the registers. The manager was then taken into the back to try to get him to open the safe.


Two of the customers were in the front of the store on the ground – a third customer was in the back of the store, and the robbers were not aware he was there. The customer called 911 on his cell phone. The call went to the Houston 911 dispatch, and was transferred to Bellaire.


When a Bellaire Police Sergeant arrived, he saw a man outside the store, standing by a car talking on a cell phone. When the sergeant approached the man, he saw a handgun in the backseat of the car, and arrested the suspect.


According to Bellaire Assistant Police Chief Byron Holloway, the suspect outside – most likely the lookout and getaway driver – was apparently communicating with the two suspects inside the store, and when the cell phone call was terminated, the two suspects inside CVS got nervous.


The two suspects inside the store looked at the security cameras and saw police surrounding the store. Holloway says it is not clear at this time exactly what happened, but apparently there was discussion between the two robbers, and one shot himself as the other went to the front of the store and surrendered to police.


Holloway says police are still investigating the shooting and talking to witnesses.


“We want to ensure that this is what appears to be a suicide,” said Holloway. “But we are investigating the fact that s could be something that went on between the two suspects. We are open to any possibilities until we can clearly prove or disprove something.”


None of the CVS employees or customers were injured, but a pregnant customer was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.


The two surviving suspects are in custody and will be charged with aggravated robbery. Police are investigating if they have been involved in similar robberies.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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