No Charges in Neighbors’ Dispute Over Sign

April 22, 2015

The West U Municipal Court has notified West University Place resident Hugh Brazier that no charges will be filed against him in the city’s Municipal Court, in a complaint filed by his neighbor over a profane sign that Brazier hung on his garage.

Kristen Flores filed the complaint last week in the Court, complaining that Brazier’s sign could be seen from her upstairs windows.  In her complaint, Flores characterized the sign as: “profane and offensive.”

Brazier’s sign, written in Spanish, said: “Puto Flores Merd. Chinga Tu Madre.”

Brazier said it was his “First Amendment right” to hang the sign.

Brazier, who is British, said he wrote the sign in Spanish because Flores is Hispanic. “I could have written it in cockney English. It’s still my right to hang the sign.”

Brazier said that he hung the sign — out of frustration — in the latest dispute over his long-running dispute with Stephen and Kristen Flores. The 26-year West U resident contends that Flores didn’t deal with him honestly over a real estate purchase of a lot between their homes, that construction of their new home resulted in flooding on his lot, and, more recently, the family installed security cameras that invade his privacy in his backyard.

Brazier said he did not respond to a telephone call last week from Instant News, because he receives so many solicitation calls that he ignored the message.

Brazier has been trying, for several years, to get West U officials to admit that they should never have approved a construction permit for the Flores’ home, because fill dirt used on their property has flooded his backyard, his garage, and caused foundation damage to his property.

He supplied InstantNews with photos of his flooded backyard.Brazier yard

“Last April, when we had our first spring storm, my garage had four to five inches of water,” Brazier said. “I went out to the street, and it was bone-dry. I built an 8-foot fence. It was put up for privacy. At the bottom of the fence, there were 10 inches of topsoil that had been pack up against my fence,” Brazier said.

“I wrote a letter to the city. The city inspector blew me off,” Brazier said.

Brazier claims that West U officials “never” responded to his requests for help. He said he repeatedly wrote e-mails to Mayor Bob Fry and members of the West U City Council.

Brazier also complains that he was treated “rudely” by West U building officials, who investigated his complaint.

In a long-running letter exchange with West U City Attorney Alan Petrov, Brazier has repeatedly demanded relief.

Petrov said Monday that he has advised Brazier that it is his right to sue his neighbors in civil court.

“I’ve done nothing wrong, and everybody says ‘Sue him,’” Brazier said. “You get to the point where you go: ‘Crikey!”

Brazier has been so frustrated by the flooding on his property that, he said, he actually started tossing clods of the fill dirt from the Flores’ property back onto their property. He claimed that Flores has retaliated by “flipping the bird” and videotaping him while he mows his lawn.

“Everything’s been put on me, like I’m the asshole,” Brazier said. “Flores is just relishing the fact that he is destroying my property.”

Flores could not immediately be reached for comment.