No Charges In Domestic Disturbance Case, Husband Sustained Minor Injuries

July 29, 2009

West U. police were called to a domestic disturbance around 12:36 a.m. July 19 in the 3800 block of Oberlin. The wife told police that she and her husband were having an argument that turned physical. The husband had minor injuries, but no charged were filed.

A woman was arrested for public intoxication after police received a call around 3:36 a.m. July 19 concerning an unknown woman knocking on a door in the 4100 block of Emory. Police found the woman in the 5600 block of Academy, and placed her under arrest.

A traffic stop for a broken taillight led to the arrest of the driver July 19 for having four outstanding West U. warrants. A broken brake light led to the arrest of another individual on July 23 after police discovered the driver had a suspended driver’s license and multiple warrants. A suspicious person call on July 20 in the 6400 bock of Westchester ended in the arrest of the suspect for a warrant with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office. A man turned himself in to the West U. Police Department July 23 for two warrants, and was booked into West U. jail. On July 24, West U. police picked up a suspect from the Harris County Sheriff’s Department for an outstanding West U. warrant.

A driver was arrested for possession of cocaine around 3:31 a.m. July 20 in the 2800 block of Bissonnet.

A driver not wearing a seatbelt in the 2900 block of Rice was arrested for driving without a license on July 20.

A resident told police on July 20 that an unknown person used his personal information to buy cruise tickets in Florida. On July 25 a woman reported that someone used her full name and Social Security number to purchase items and services.

Police believe a burglary suspect was frightened away by a burglar alarm around 10:30 p.m. July 20. The alarm was activated in the 2600 block of Fenwood. When police arrived, they found forced entry, but nothing was stolen and there were no suspects inside the house.

A resident in the 4100 block of Rice told police on July 31 that a revolver was missing from his home. He said his house had been in various stages of remodeling for a few months, and he recently discovered that the gun was missing.

A resident in the 6700 block of Rutgers reported on July 22 that the front passenger window of her car had been broken and her purse stolen. The next day, a resident in the 2600 block of Carolina Way reported that the rear driver’s side window of his car had been smashed and a brief case stolen.

A traffic stop for a defective left brake light in the 5300 block of Sewanee July 25 ended in arrest when it was discovered that the car was uninsured and the inspection sticker was fake.

Police were called to the 6700 block of Buffalo Speedway July 25 regarding a recently released psychiatric patient. According to reports, police were able to calm the patient down, and transported the patient back to the hospital without incident.

Around 7:33 p.m. July 25 a resident in the 3300 block of Pittsburg told police that someone followed him from U.S. 59 to his home. The suspect was arrested for driving with a suspended license due to a previous conviction for driving while intoxicated.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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