Nine-Year-Old T.H. Rogers Student Hospitalized, Possible Seizure Caused Her To Fall Into Pool

June 26, 2008

At T.H. Rogers Elementary School today about 10:20 a.m., a nine-year-old third-grade student who is hearing impaired fell into the swimming pool during a physical education class. The student, who according to staff has a history of seizures and blackouts, is described as a strong swimmer.

Initial reports from staff indicate there were about 28 children in the pool area at the time of the incident and about 16 adults, including at least two adults who are certified water safety instructors and seven who were CPR certified.

Staff members reported the female student was sitting on the side of the pool, outside the water, and splashing her hands in the pool. A staff member who was three to four feet away reported that the student suddenly slumped or fell into the pool. The staff member immediately called for help and joined with another staff member to pull the student out of the water. Initial reports from staff members indicate that the student was in the water for less than a minute.

Staff members performed CPR and paramedics were contacted through 911. The student was transported to Texas Children’s Hospital. There is no condition report at this time. HISD Police and the Houston Police Department were notified. HISD’s Office of Inspector General also has begun an inquiry.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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