New Recycling Pickup Days Start Nov. 4

October 10, 2013


West U will be implementing new curbside recycling pickup days throughout the city starting Nov. 4. The restructuring of these routes will maximize service efficiency and reduce the city’s overhead costs.

Recycling collection will remain once a week but the recycling day will be coordinated with one of your trash collection days. The restructuring will also mitigate the missed collection days due to holidays, by providing an alternative day.

Assistant Public Works Director Dave Beach said. The new schedule will allow the city to collect recycling during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The city receives complaints for the missed recycling days for two weeks in a row during the holiday.

The changes will also reduce time, fuel and mileage by $3,500 a year, Beach said.

Starting Monday, Oct. 21, staff will begin hand delivering information packets to every resident.  They will be left on the front door.  These packets will contain information that has their new recycling day, updated maps showing the new recycling and street sweeping days, holiday schedule for the remainder of 2013 and all of 2014 and other information on the services provided.

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InstantNewsWestu Staff

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