New job for ousted West U city manager Ross

December 3, 2015

Former West University Place City Manager Michael Ross has a new job — assistant administrator for the city of Fulshear. He topped a field of more than 50 applicants, officials said, and started the new position last Monday.

Michael Ross

Michael Ross


The historic city in northwest Fort Bend County — established through a Mexican land grant in 1824 — was recently named as one of the 10 most affluent ZIP codes in the U.S. by the American City Business Journal. Although it has only 8,000 residents, it is the largest city of its kind at 11 square miles with another 40 miles in its extra territorial jurisdiction. The median household income is about $140,000.

Ross served as West U city manager for 14 years before being fired in August by a newly elected City Council slate.

“I am thrilled to be working for a city of the caliber of Fulshear and I look forward to being part of their amazing growth to come,” Ross said in a news release.

Councilwoman Tejana Mesic, who served on the said that the city expects to use his expertise to help lead them through the process of becoming a home rule city. Fulshear is currently a general law city.

“When we conducted interviews…we narrowed it down to seven candidates. Ross came in as our number one qualified and experienced candidate,” said Mesic.

“What I like personally about Mr. Ross is his HR background, his policy expertise and ability to build an executive team. In order to be a first rate city, we have to have a first rate team.”