New Blog Aimed At West U. Swimmers

June 29, 2009


West U. resident Dave Agerton has launched a blog he calls an experiment which focuses on West U. pools, and he hopes other residents will chime in on the discussion. The blog,, includes commentary and a poll on recent city council decisions regarding the new pool facilities.


“It is such an interesting idea of how to communicate timely about issues, how to form a community,” said Agerton, whose son helped him create the blog while visiting from Chicago. “There are some issues about the West U. pool and the design – there are a lot of good things about it, but there are still some concerns…so this is just an experiment.”


Agerton, who swims laps at Colonial Park Pool, supports council’s decision to close the pool in September, citing the cost savings.


“They are going to save money, and that’s fine with me because I do have other options,” said Agerton, who named the Weekley YMCA as well as the University of Texas pool, which can be used by Colonial Park pool members for $3 per visit. “I think it will be a real constraint for families, because the Y gets pretty crowded, but as a lap swimmer I can go there at five in the morning or eight at night and it’s not crowded.”


He also proposes some alternatives to the city’s current pool plan at Colonial Park, and visitors to his site can vote on their favorite.


“Lower than expected construction costs and savings from acceleration provide the City an opportunity within the budget to expand the pool,” he writes. “Perhaps by shifting the new tennis courts 16′ east, the City can add 2 lanes to the plan.  This will give staff more options to accommodate various users and to generate revenue.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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