Minors Cited For Possession Of Alcohol, Three BMV’s Reported

November 11, 2008

A West U. resident in the 4100 block of Riley reported to police on Nov. 2 that the night before someone tried to push her door open and pried a window screen up. It was unclear if the person was trying to break in to the home, or if it was just a case of criminal mischief. Nothing was missing from the residence, and there was no evidence that anyone made entry.


A glass break alarm was sounded around 11 p.m. Nov. 2 at the Shipley Donut Shop at 5800 Kirby Drive. When officers arrived, they found a broken window, but no one was found inside the building. The incident is under investigation.


A woman came to the police station on Nov. 4 to report possible telephone harassment. The woman, not a resident of West U., told police she received a call on her cell phone from a registered sex offender. According to police reports, the owner of the phone the call was made from has no criminal background.


A driver violating his driver’s permit was released to his brother and his car towed Nov. 4 after police pulled him over in the 3900 block of Marlowe for driving with an expired registration sticker.  


A woman reported a hit-and-run car accident around 8 p.m. Nov. 5. The woman told police that she was involved in an accident in the 6100 block of Buffalo Speedway, and the other vehicle left the scene. The color of the vehicle, white, was the only description of the vehicle and there were no witnesses available.


A resident turned in firearms and ammunition to the police department for destruction on Nov.6.


Two minors were cited for possessing alcoholic beverages around 7:28 p.m. Nov. 8 after they were pulled over for speeding in the 6200 block of Buffalo Speedway.


Three motor vehicle burglaries were reported on Nov. 8. A global positioning system was reported stolen from a car in the 3300 block of Southwestern at some point the night before. Another burglary was reported in the 4100 block of Tennyson, and another in the 6600 block of Brompton.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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