Meet Your Newest West U Board Members, Commissioners

October 8, 2013

The West U City Council officially appointed its newest members to the city’s boards and commissions after interviewing 29 new applicants who were interested in serving.

The city sought applicants for positions on the zoning and planning commission, the zoning board of adjustment, the building and standards commission, the parks board, the recycling and solid waste reduction board, the senior services board and the Friends of West U Parks board.

The three statutory boards in West U are the ZPC, the ZBA and the BSC.

Council appointed Richard Wilson to serve as chairman of the ZPC. Other members include Philip Snyder, Mary Anne Jay, Sam Parikh, Lauren Griffith, Connie Clark and Michael McEnany.

Council appointed Carole Steen as chair of the ZBA. Other members include Sandy Hellums, Samantha Brantley, Prias Coffey and Milton Frankfort. Alternates include Donald Yurewicz, Don Culbert, Ed Sobash and Katherine Brem.

Longtime ZPC Chairman Steve Brown was appointed chair of the BSC. Other members include Sylvette Bobb, Vernon Tyger, Denny Powers and Frank Griffin. Alternates include Charles Marshall, Bruce Beneke, Kris Westbrook and David McDaniel.

Parks Board member Melissa Pifko has been named the new chair of the board with Kevin Boyle being named the new vice chair. Other members include Tracy Larson, Donald Armstrong, Jon Trevelise, Amanda McGee, Moya Varner, Susan Reeves, David DeAnda and Burt Ballanfant.

Council has appointed Orval Lee Marlow II as the new chair of the Recycling and Solid Waste Reduction Board. Other members include Mary Birch, Vibhu Sharma, Jason Ball, Bill Rankin, Owen Rutz, Mimi Tsai, Mary Barnwell, Yvonne Jacobs, Jerome Brown and Edwina Forster.

Council reappointed Stan McCandless and John Neighbors to serve as co-chairs of the Senior Services Board. Other members include Pieter Vrancken, George Baker, Michelle Moore, Sarah Ballanfant, Selby Clark, Janet Vrancken, Becky Arnold, Mary Ryerson, Joe Mitchell and Virginia Lootens.

Katie Hill was appointed to the Friends of West U Parks Fund.

The term for the boards and commissions began Sept. 1 and will end on Aug. 31, 2015.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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