Mayor ‘Not Mailing It In’

April 5, 2013

Most West U residents are accustomed to mailers asking for campaign donations during election season, but some were surprised to find one in their mailbox asking for residents to donate to current Mayor Bob Fry’s campaign, who is running unopposed.

In a letter sent to residents by Fry’s campaign treasurer John Neighbors, Neighbors endorses Fry and all incumbent council members. With four council seats up for re-election and five candidates running, candidate Sonny Brandtner is the only newcomer on the ballot.

In the letter, Neighbors writes, “I hope you will include your support for the re-election of Bob Fry as our Mayor. If you are willing to help with his campaign to let voters know of his desire to serve again as your mayor, mail a check payable to BOB FRY FOR MAYOR in the enclosed envelope.”

Fry told he knew Neighbors was going to request donations, but has not seen the letter. He said he is still actively campaigning even though he is running unopposed.

“I want people to know that I am not just mailing it in, that I take this seriously,” said Fry. “I am on the ballot. I do want people to vote for me.”

Fry said he is not sure how much his campaign is going to cost. He will save money by using signs leftover from his last campaign, and will send only one mailer out rather than the three he sent during his first run for mayor.

Fry said he will also do some block walking and “of course I will be there the day of the election and work the polls just like we always do.”

Fry said any amount donated would be appreciated.

The city council election is Saturday, May 11.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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