Matthews Market Public Hearing Postponed Until March 12

February 12, 2009

The public hearing scheduled for tonight, Feb. 12, concerning the proposed Matthews Market at the site of the old Matthews Motors property at 6203 Edloe, has been postponed to March 12. The meeting will take place at 6:15 p.m. in the Conference Room of the Municipal Building, 3800 University Blvd.  

Before the city issued a stop work order, owner of the property Jim Reid was advertising his proposed Matthews Market, complete with a “dog bar,” a staple at the former JMH Market.

 Reid, former part-owner of JMH Market just a block away, says the proposed grocery store and “neighborhood gathering place,” will fill a hole left by the closure of JMH.


Jim Reid and Walter Stockard, acting through 6203 Edloe Partners, L.P. and Stockard Realty Partnership, have submitted plans to the city for the properties at 6203 and 6205 Edloe. The plans call for renovations to the former auto repair shop at 6203 Edloe for use as a grocery store, as well as widening the current 3-foot concrete walkway to 8 feet. No renovations are scheduled for 6205 Edloe, which will retain the designation of shopping center.


A stop work order from the City of West University Place was placed recently on the site stating that signs, electrical work, structural work and storage were all being performed without approved permits. The order also stated that the property does not have a valid asbestos survey on file with the city. After the stop work order was filed, artwork on the building advertising for Matthews Market was painted over.

Advertising for Matthews Market was erased due to a stop work order issued by the city. If the plat is approved by the Zoning and Planning Commission, owner Jim Reid can apply for building and sign permits.

 If the plat is approved by the Zoning and Planning Commission, building and sign permits can be applied for. Requests for an alcohol permit will have to go through City Council for a variance on the ordinance disallowing alcohol sales near schools.


“I understand the sensitivities of being across the street from a school, but it should be easier to qualify since less than 10 percent of our sales will be based on alcohol,” said Reid.


InstantNewsWestu Staff

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