Matthews Market Plans Denied Again, Asbestos Abatement Needed

July 16, 2009

The second, revised set of plans submitted to the City of West U. by Jim Reid for the proposed Matthews Market at 6203 Edloe have been denied. Most of the issues that resulted in the original denial of a building permit at the end of June have been resolved, but a few issues remain, the largest of which involves asbestos in the building.

An asbestos survey dated in February shows the building to contain asbestos in the window calking. The city will not issue a permit until the asbestos has been removed by a licensed abatement contractor. Reid must notify the state 10 days prior to beginning the removal process. Other issues involve the gas riser diagram.

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Reid has received approval from the Harris County Health Department for the planned kitchen and food service area, and secured an agreement for shared use of a dumpster.

Reid originally submitted plans for the grocery store on June 9, and has suggested that the city has caused delays that could result in the failure of the project.

In an e-mail dated June 29 obtained through the open records act, Reid wrote to West U. Mayor Bob Kelly, along with several West U. residents, explaining that the project has taken too long and that he has waited “patiently” through the city’s board and commission processes since October of 2008, and asking for the mayor’s help.


“The old JMH site is a black eye on this community as it sits there vacant and lifeless,” wrote Reid.  “It would be a shame to see the same fate on Matthews Motors site.”


Reid wrote that he felt the project “represents more to this community than a porch, remodel of house, swimming pool-etc of some individuals home.”

Kelly responded, saying he felt the city was not responsible for any delays in the project.


“I can understand your frustration, but the City staff is in no manner responsible for any delays in your project….in fact, they have done all they can do under the law to move your project along…..and they continue to do so,” said Kelly. “As to whose project is more important, it has been my experience that everyone considers their particular project important. I certainly would not have wanted to tell that homeowner with several small children on Sunset who recently asked for help getting into his new home that he was
being delayed doing so as the City had put other latter filed project ahead of him.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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