Massage Parlor in Compliance After City Sweeps Commercial Businesses

July 12, 2013

A West U business that was cited for violations after being investigated for prostitution has been found in compliance.

Code Enforcement Officer Daniel Paripovich recently conducted a sweep of the city’s commercial businesses, including Avi Spa, located at 4108 Bellaire Blvd.

Each commercial structure has an obligation to post City of West U Certificate of Occupancy and any other city or state required certificates, Assistant City Manager and Public Works Director Chris Peifer said.

“We’re doing sweeps throughout all commercial structures,” he said.

West U police received a call in February about possible criminal activity at Avi Spa.

Police investigated the business for suspicions of prostitution in March, which resulted in citations for “failure to display massage license where advertised,” “owner/operator of massage establishment to employ only registered massage therapist to perform massage” and “fail as a massage therapist to obtain a certificate of registration from Texas Department of Health Services.”

The citations are currently pending in West U Municipal Court, says Municipal Court Clerk Gaby Perez.

The violation for “fail to employ registered massage therapist” resulted in the defendant being placed on deferred disposition until Oct. 13, 2013, posting a deferral bond of $186 and paying $64 in court costs.

The violation for “no massage license displayed” was dismissed in court on April 16, 2013.

The final violation for “massage therapist-fail to obtain certificate” resulted in  the defendant being placed on deferred disposition until Aug. 14, 2013, posting a deferral bond of $186 and paying $64 in court costs.

Perez said that the conditions of the deferred dispositions are that the defendants “must not violate any laws of this state or any other state.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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