Look For New Tree On Prominent West U. Street Corner

March 11, 2010

By the end of the month, passers-by will notice a new Mexican White Oak tree at the corner of Edloe Street and University Boulevard to replace another tree that fell victim to Hurricane Ike.

Corner for Mexican White Oak

The city will plant the new tree at Edloe Street and University Boulevard.

As part of Arbor Day festivities on March 27, the city plans to plant the new tree, and distribute fifty free trees for lucky residents to plant at home.

“This will be the third year my wife gets there early to get one,” joked Councilman George Boehme at Monday’s city council meeting.

Hosting the celebration allows the city to participate in the Tree City USA program, organized through the Arbor Day Celebration to promote community forestry programs. This will mark over 20 years that West U. received the Tree City designation.

“It’s something you can take great pride in,” Public Works Director Chris Peifer told city leaders.

The council issued a proclamation supporting Arbor Day that notes the many benefits trees provide to West University Place, including increasing property values and beautifying the community. The proclamation stated trees provide environmental benefits worldwide — Cleaning the air, providing wildlife habitat, cutting heating and cooling costs, and more. It also noted the important products that come from trees, like paper and fuel.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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