Local Pastor And Author Works To Inspire People Through Motivational Series

July 23, 2010

When Dwight Edwards was in high school, one of his teachers pulled him aside and told him he could be a writer. He laughed and thought all he wanted to do was play tennis.

Over time, he evolved from being a professional tennis player, to a minister, to a motivational speaker and an author.

Edwards is a pastor at WoodsEdge Community Church/Houston in Southside Place and the author of Revolution Within, Releasing the Rivers Within and his newest book, A Tale of Three Ships: Setting Sail for Your Extraordinary Dream.

Throughout his life he was intrigued by people who had done something extraordinary with their lives. That intrigue made him want to help others find their own “extraordinary dreams.”

“People have so much more potential, they have no idea,” Edwards said. “We’re all hardwired to do something extraordinarily well.”

A love of crafting words, quotations and storytelling gave Edwards the idea to write a motivational series called “High Octane for the Mind,” which appears on InstantNewsWestU.

The bi-weekly inspirational email service delivers “small, bite size, significant truth and inspiration” to readers through text and audio.

Edwards has found that people remember small doses of information when they are accompanied by pictures or stories.

He equates motivational energy to a thunderstorm: there’s lots of thunder, lightning and rain, but once it’s over, the rain disappears. He hopes “High Octane for the Mind” will be a rain that sinks in, instead of trickling away.

His motivational series usually focus on three themes: life’s hard – “A slow step forward is still progress.” – find your dream, or what you’re made to do and perspective – “That belongs to us. No one can take that away,” he said.

Edwards said a lot of people have a “vanilla,” or ordinary life. He wants people to be “vanilla busters” by finding “that fire if your bones” to do what you’re meant to do.

He said working a five-day work week just to have a two-day weekend isn’t a life, but many people live their lives that way.

He hopes his motivational series, “High Octane for the Mind,” will help people have success in their lives.

“A lot of people think what they want out of life is happiness,” he said. “What we really want the most is satisfaction. If you get satisfaction, you’ll get happiness.”

Edwards said he hopes to inspire people by sharing some of the things he’s learned along the way.

“I hope that their day will be different, their life will be different,” he said. “I hope it will give people courage to take risks.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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