List of Appointees to Boards, Commissions

August 24, 2015

The West U City Council on Monday named members of boards and commissions that serve the city. This is a list of their appointments. The appointees’ terms start September 1, 2015 and end on August 31, 2017.


Zoning and Planning Commission

Richard Wilson Position 1, Chair

John Cutrer Position 2

Mac Jenson Position 3

Michael McEnany Position 4

David Kuykendall Position 5

Mimi Tsai Position 6

Bob Higley Position 7

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Sandy Hellums Position 1, Chair

Ed Sobash Position 2

Robert Grossman Position 3

Edward Nikonowicz Position 4

Janet Parisi Position 5

Donald Yurewicz Alternate A

Chris Heard Alternate B

Dave Miller Alternate C

Neil Martin Alternate D

Building and Standards Commission

Steve Brown Position 1, Chair

Sylvette Bobb Position 2

Frank Griffin Position 3

Denny Powers Position 4

Kris Westbrook Position 5

David “Muddy”McDaniel Alternate A

Bruce Beneke Alternate B

Charles Marshall Alternate C

Connie Clark Alternate D

Parks and Recreation Board

Mark Prescott holds Position 1

Kevin Boyle Position 2, Chair

Melissa Pifko Position 3

David DeAnda Position 4

Wayne Franklin Position 5

Tracy Larson Position 6

Peter Billipp Position 7

Stephen Damiani Position 8

Sherry Harber Position 9

David Jennings Position 10

Donna Petrone Position 11

Recycling and Solid Waste Reduction Board

Orval Lee Marlow II Position 1, Chair

Bill Rankin Position 2

Yvonne Jacobs Position 3

Mary Barnwell Position 4

Erick Orzeck Position 5

Ruth Becker Position 6

Jerome Brown Position 7

Daniel Incavo Position 8

Owen Rutz Position 9

Jennifer Sickman Position 10

Jason Ball Position 11