Libertarian Files In Race For West U’s State Rep.

January 8, 2010

Libertarian candidate Darcey Kobs has filed to run against Democratic Rep. Ellen Cohen in the 2010 elections for State Representative for West University Place and surrounding areas.

“I decided to run because I want to bring the Libertarian values to the Texas house,” Kobs said. “Right now I see the government at virtually every level as too large, too intrusive, too expensive. The Libertarian values are exactly the opposite of that.”

Two Republican candidates, Bonnie Parker and Sarah Davis, will compete in the March primary for the Republican nomination in State Representative District 134 to also run against Cohen. Read more about Parker and Davis here.

Kobs is a physician and medical director for House Call Doctors of Texas, a medical practice that visits patients in their homes.

“I like to tell people we specialize in people who either don’t have their own doctor or have difficulty getting in to see the doctor,” Kobs said.

He has practiced medicine since earning his degree in 1989 from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and his license in 1990. Before that, Kobs earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology from Rice University.

Kobs ran for the same position, State Representative District 134, in 2008 but he was defeated in the primaries by another Libertarian candidate who won the nomination. But this year, Kobs is running unopposed within his own party, which secures his candidacy.

He has volunteered in the community through his church, the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, by teaching Sunday school one year, participating in service projects helping people in a Spring Branch apartment complex, and regularly donating blood.

A low-budget campaign is in the works for Kobs. He plans to go door-to-door to meet voters and try to speak at candidates’ forums. He said he will work to promote the ideals of less government involvement in people’s lives.

“My main goal is to promote the ideas of Libertarianism, and let people know there is an alternative party out there that may represent those ideas for them as well,” Kobs said.

Current Rep. Ellen Cohen said she plans to run this year’s campaign the same as her past two successful campaigns: Listening to district residents and making sure she represents their interests.

“I don’t consider it about who my opponent is. To me that’s not what I’m doing in representing District 134,” Cohen said. “It’s not a race against an opponent, it’s a campaign to get my message out and hopefully to continue to receive the support I’ve received from this district. Democracy is about just what we’re doing, and I support it.”

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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