Lessons Learned From West U Rec Center Pool Problems

April 28, 2010

 The West University Place Recreation Center pool got back up and running Tuesday after being shut down because of a mechanical issue.

“It was rather unfortunate,” City Manager Michael Ross said. “We wish it never happened.”

The pump failed on Friday and then the pool started having a chemical problem on Saturday. Ultraviolet technology makes sure the pool water is clean, Ross said.

“[The equipment] is about as state of the art as you can get,” Ross said. “We wanted to put the best system in place.”

Ross said some of the problems were the result of machinery and “contractor human error.” He said when some valves were turned chemicals were released into the pool.

“They didn’t realize what was going to happen when they opened the valves,” Ross said.

The subcontractors didn’t go back and look at the engineering drawings and they showed up to work without thinking that the pool is operational, he said.

Now, all subcontractors and staff will keep each other informed of any work being done on the equipment, he said. When people come into work on the equipment, everyone will check in at the front desk, he said.

“You hate to have to close a new facility, but you don’t want to take a chance on water quality,” Ross said.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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