Lamar Senior Loses His Mom And His Home, Manages To Keep The Faith

May 25, 2009

In 2005, shortly after beginning his freshman year of high school in New Orleans, Lamar graduate Earl Hurst left the city with his mother, brother, grandmother, and aunt the weekend before Katrina hit.  Hurst later learned that the family home had taken in more than eight feet of water and everything was destroyed.  Two years after losing his home, Hurst lost his mother.  In 2007, his mom passed away in Houston after being hit by a truck walking to her car after work.  After Hurst’s mother died, his brother went to live with his father in New Orleans, and Hurst’s grandmother moved in with Hurst. 


Hurst still goes back to New Orleans to visit family. They are in the process of trying to re-build the family home.  He will return to his native state after graduation, going to Grambling State University and majoring in hotel and restaurant management. Hurst’s grandmother and aunt will be heading back to Louisiana, too – moving to Lafayette to be between the two brothers geographically.


“The way I got through it was by keeping faith,” said Hurst.  “I would tell other kids to try to keep understanding you’re only going through a test.”


InstantNewsWestu Staff

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