Lamar Places Third Overall In UIL Academic Meet

March 2, 2009

 The Lamar High School UIL Academic Meet for Houston Independent School District High Schools was held February 28, 2009.  Lamar High School and the UIL Academics and Fine Arts department of Houston ISD organized the contest, with the support of participating schools, coaches, and countless volunteers.


Competing high schools included Austin, Carnegie, Davis, East Early College, Worthing, The Houston Academy for International Studies, The International High School at Sharpstown, Lamar, Reagan, Sam Houston Math, Science, and Technology, Scarborough, Sharpstown, Waltrip, Washington, Westside, and Yates. In addition to individual competitions, each school competed for best overall ranking.  Carnegie took top honors, winning first place, with Reagan placing second and Lamar taking third. 


Below are the contest results:


Mathematics                                                     Spelling

First:  Javier Hernandez, Reagan                   First:  Henry Anderson, Carnegie

Second:  Jonas Actor, Carnegie                      Second:  Vanessa Cerda, Waltrip

Third:  Evan Huang, Lamar                               Third:  Jonas Actor, Carnegiea


Science                                                            Number Sense

First:     Meng Qi, Carnegie                          First:     Javier Hernandez, Reagan

Second:  Evan Huang, Lamar                      Second:  Dan Li, Lamar

Third:   Dan Li, Lamar                                    Third:  Nina Lopez, Davis


Calculator Applications                    Computer Applications

First:  Roberto Moreno, Austin             First:  Deanna Papillion

Second:  Nancy Hernandez, Austin     Second:  Fiona Ng, Reagan

Third:  Shadoe Farmer, Austin              Third:  Sara Thomas-Martinez


Current Issues & Events                             Social Studies
First:  Yara Wilson, Reagan                              First:  Jimmy Andrade, Westside

Second:  Jenny Kutner, Carnegie                   Second:  Joshua Supercinski, Reagan

Third:  Christopher Madrigal, Austin            Third:  Amy Seiler, Carnegie


Accounting                                                       Computer Science

First:  Javier Hernandez, Reagan                  First:  David Nichol, Carnegie

Second:  Francisca Gutierrez, Reagan        Second:  Christina Fong, Carnegie

Third:  Mayuri Bhakta, Lamar                       Third:  Bradley McConnon, Westside


Literary Criticism                                              Ready Writing 

First:  Daisy Solis, Reagan                                     First:  Jimmy Andrade, Westside

Second: Oscar Leija, Sam Houston                   Second:  Kendall Currier, Lamar

Third:  Michelle Avendano, Reagan                  Third:  Stephanie Onofrie, Lamar


Feature Writing                                                  Headline Writing

First:  Anne Ratnoff, Lamar                               First:  Ashley Lopez, Westside

Second:  Jessica Silverman, Lamar                 Second:  Anne Ratnoff, Lamar

Third:  Lindsey Mendez, Davis                         Third:  Carmen Sullivan, Carnegie


Editorial Writing                                                News Writing

First:  Jose Lopez, Westside                                 First:  Rebecca Hennes, Westside

Second:  Jessica Silverman, Lamar                    Second:  Jessica Silverman, Lamar

Third:  Aleli Mora, Austin                                     Third:  Kellyn Conant, Carnegie


Lincoln-Douglas Debate                                   Poetry Interpretation

First:  Jarvis Sam, Carnegie                                    First:  Jarvis Sam, Carnegie

Second:  Saul Garcia, East Early College           Second:  Bria Burley, Reagan

Third:  Annan Cano, East Early College            Third:  Aurbtini Thompkins, Yates


Poetry Interpretation-Spanish                      Extemporaneous Persuasive Speaking

First:  Jarvis Sam, Carnegie                                        First:  Chris Flix, Yates

Second:  Iraida Zamora, East Early College       Second:  Brandon Carroll, Carnegie

Third:  Ana Juarez, Davis High School                 Third:  Ruiyi Wang, Carnegie


Extemporaneous Informative Speaking

First:  Jarvis Sam, Carnegie

Second:  DeQuan Sam, Washington

Third:  Iyana Edouard, Houston Academy for International Studies


Prose Interpretation                                          Dance

First:  Joshua Echeberi, Carnegie                       First:  Jarvis Sam, Carnegie

Second:  Kamaria Monmouth, Carnegie            Second:  Jennifer Baez, Reagan

Third:  Victoria Solorio, Carnegie                      Third:  Ashley Buckner, Sharpstown


Impromptu Speaking                                        Soap Box Speaking

First:  Jarvis Sam, Carnegie                               First:  Jarvis Sam, Carnegie

Second:  Vihar Bhakta, Waltrip                       Second:  Rosemarie Campos, East Early

Third:  Carl Willis, Carnegie                              Third:  Carl Willis, Carnegie


Soap Box Speaking-Finals                                TV Commercial

First:  Marisol Plascencia, Davis                        First:  Charles Johnson, Washington

Second:  Diana Mejia, Davis                                 Second:  Acianna Thompson, East Early

Third:  Juan Martin, Reagan                                Third:  Carl Willis, Carnegie


TV Commercial Spanish                                    Group Lip Sync

First:  Luis Hernandez, Davis                                   Outstanding Performance:  Team East Early

Second:  Edlin Puente, Reagan                         

Third:  Danielle Puente, Reagan                             Vocal Solo

                                                                                             Outstanding Performance:        

                                                                                             Autumn Greene, Washington


Duet Improvisation
First:  Pablo Castro & Winnie-Grace Growe, East Early

Second:  Charles Johnson & Gatero Sherden, Washington

Third:  Carl Willis & Camryn Burkins, Carnegie

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