Kelly Announces He Will Run For Second Term As Mayor

January 21, 2009

Bob Kelly has announced that he will seek a second two-year term as West U.’s mayor in the upcoming May election. The election presents the possibility for every member of council, and the mayor, to be replaced. The only council member ineligible for reelection is Phyllis Cohen, who is on her second two-year term.




Kelly says his current two-year term as mayor has been a rewarding experience, and he would like to stay at the helm to follow several ongoing projects into completion and within budget.


“It’s been really good, very encouraging,” said Kelly of his experience as mayor. “It has been really interesting working with the citizens getting input. Being mayor, particularly, takes a lot of time, but its been very rewarding to do it.”


Kelly released a statement today, which enumerated several of the projects completed during his current term as well as ongoing projects he would like to focus on should he be reelected to a second term.


“It has been an honor to serve the citizens of West U as their mayor and be able to play a significant part in the City moving forward with the: (1) construction on the drainage problems in and around the College Street area, and in the process being able to get Metro and Harris County to pay for almost all the cost; (2) street light replacement program that will enhance the safety and the aesthetics of our City; (3) favorable settlement to the City of the expensive zoning lawsuit over the Marlowe property; (4) start of the comprehensive program to update the Recreational Center, Colonial Park, and Community Building; (5) raising the Senior Tax Exemption on their homes to give our elderly help with their property taxes; and, (6) passing a cell phone ban in the City’s active school zones to help protect our children,” read Kelly’s statement.


He also said that serving during Hurricane Ike was a very rewarding and interesting experience and invited anyone interesting in running for council to contact him for any information concerning running for office, the time commitment required to serve and issues facing the city.


Kelly, an attorney, has lived in West U. for 33 years and served as mayor pro-tem for two years 16 years ago. Kelly has also served as Charter Review Committee member, Parks and Recreation Board member, president of the West U Elementary PTA, president of the West U. Soccer Club, president of the Lamar High School Athletic Booster Club, board member of Tri-Sports Association, member of several special City Council committees, board member of the Pershing Middle School and Lamar High School PTA’s and head coach of the West U Girls’ Soccer and Softball teams.





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