Interfaith Passover Seder Brings Students Together

April 1, 2009

Students from three diverse religious backgrounds will come together on Monday, April 6, for a Passover Seder.  12th grade students from Emery/Weiner, a predominantly Jewish school, will lead the Seder, attended by students from Strake Jesuit, Catholic affiliation, and St. Thomas Episcopal.  This interfaith Seder is designed to bring students from different religious backgrounds together to celebrate a story they all share, and will take place from 8:30-9:30 a.m.


During the first night of Passover, a Seder, or Passover meal, occurs to commemorate the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt.  The Seder includes telling the story of the exodus, eating unleavened bread called matzo, and the recitation of a blessing. 

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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