IBC Bank’s ‘Safety Day’ Scheduled For Oct. 11

September 30, 2008

IBC Bank is holding a ‘Safety Day’ at their Kirby Drive location to help families prepare in the event one of their children is ever lost or kidnapped. The community education event will run from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Oct. 11, at 5615 Kirby Drive. IBC ‘Safety Day’ is open and free to the public and will include activities for adults and children.

“The child identity kits provided at this event will provide law enforcement with the necessary information they need to locate a missing child,” said Jay Rogers, Chairman and CEO of IBC – Houston. “’Safety Day’ provides IBC with the opportunity to ‘do more’ for our communities and customers, helping educate them on a topic as serious as child safety.”

As part of the ‘Safety Day,’ IBC will give away free child identity kits provided by SafeAssured. During the event, a DVD will be made for each parent containing their child’s valuable ID information, such as a head shot as well as video of their child walking and talking. In the case of an emergency, the DVD can be given to authorities to aid in search and rescue. Police and fire department representatives also will be on hand to answer questions and keep parents informed. In addition, there will be a variety of other fun kid activities available, including arts and crafts and an appearance by the IBC Free Bee as well as Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine. For more information, call 713-285-2245.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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