Houston Imposes Curfew For The Next Week

September 14, 2008

Houston will operate under a 9 p.m. – 6 a.m. curfew for the remainder of the week, according to Police Chief Harold Hurtt.

Hurtt made the announcement during an 8 a.m. Hurricane Ike recovery briefing at Houston’s TransStar operations center. Hurtt said the curfew will run through next Friday night and Saturday morning.

“In the interest of the safety of our residents, we’re asking people not to be out (during the curfew hours) in vehicles or on foot,” Hurtt said.

The curfew was being enacted due to continued power outages and a lack of functioning traffic signals, the chief explained.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said that there would be no curfew in the unincorporated areas of Harris County, but cities within the county may choose to impose curfews. Emmett said sheriff’s deputies would assist local police in enforcing the curfews.

“Curfews will be determined by the various municipalities in the county,” Emmett said.

Mayor Bill White said the move would not necessarily require businesses to closed during the curfew hours. He also said that there had not been a serious problem with looting during the storm emergency.

“This is a safe city and people have respected each other’s property rights,” White said. “We did not have any arrests or crime reports within the mandatory evacuated areas.”

Hurtt added that there had been about 30 arrests for looting, but all were outside of the evacuation areas. Those incidents primarily occurred at gun shops, pawn shops and convenience stores.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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