Home Depot Helps Uncover West U. Fraud Victim

December 15, 2009

An employee at Home Depot last week helped uncover multiple fraud incidents targeted at a West University Place resident.

On Dec. 8 the resident visited the West U. Police Station to report that the employee had called him because someone had attempted to open a charge card at Home Depot without the proper identification. The employee called the resident to confirm the information, and the incident prompted the resident to check his credit report.

That’s when he saw that someone had opened additional credit cards using his name. The police took the report and they are investigating the incidents.

The next day, on Dec. 9, two other residents reported they were the victims of fraud. The first said that someone had used his information to apply for a credit card. The second resident said someone wrote checks using the resident’s name to make purchases.

A West U. woman on Dec. 9 dropped her son off at school in the 3800 block of Bellaire Boulevard, and when she returned to her vehicle she found that someone had stolen her purse.

A resident was the victim of an assault on Dec. 6. Police arrived in the 2600 block of Bissonnet Street and discovered that the suspect had left the area. The victim refused medical assistance.

Three home burglaries happened during the week of Dec. 7 to 14.

  • On Dec. 10, police responded to the 5800 block of Community Drive because a resident reported someone broke into the back door and stole items from the home.
  • On Dec. 11 a resident reported a burglary in the 6000 block of Buffalo Speedway. The resident said three watches and a camera with a telephoto lens were missing from the house, and the burglary could have happened in November.
  • Also on Nov. 11 and officer visited the 5800 block of Community Drive because a resident said someone broke into the back bedroom window and stole things from the house.

Police arrested three people for public intoxication during the week.

  • Someone called police on Dec. 7 and said that a driver appeared to be “down” in a car. When an officer approached the car in the 6700 block of Academy Street, the driver appeared to be publicly intoxicated and the officer took him into custody.
  • An officer was driving on Buffalo Speedway on Dec. 12, when he noticed a vehicle with its headlights on blocking the roadway. The officer approached the car and found two people “passed out and unresponsive,” laying with the seats reclined all the way. The officer woke up the pair and placed them in custody for public intoxication.

Residents reported two incidents of theft last week.

  • On Dec. 7, someone called police because he found his vehicle propped up on blocks in front of his house in the 2700 block of Carolina Way. Someone had stolen the front wheels overnight.
  • On Dec. 11, a city employee reported that someone had entered the city facility in the 2800 block of North Braeswood Boulevard and stolen a truck battery.

Three people were arrested and booked into the West U. jail last week because they had outstanding warrants.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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