HISD School Board Discusses Pay Raises

June 6, 2008

The Houston Independent School District school board had preliminary discussions Thursday about a budget for the next fiscal year, including ideas for pay raises for HISD’s 12,500 teachers.
The board will vote on a budget on June 26. The draft proposal includes a $10.2 million increase in the per-pupil funding for schools.
Under the ideas brought forward by the HISD administration, every HISD teacher would get a minimum of a 3 percent pay raise. Board members indicated they want to explore many ideas for teacher compensation, so the work on the salary plan for the next school year will continue.
The budget ideas also included pay raises of 7.78 percent for school principals, 6.76 percent for assistant principals, and 3 percent for bus drivers, substitute teachers, food service workers and other hourly workers.
Also suggested by the administration in the discussions was $10 million for improvements to school libraries, $10 million to improve fine arts programs in schools and an $8.7 million appropriation for athletics.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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