HISD Board Approves External Audit To Review Magnet Program

August 27, 2010

At a school board meeting on Aug. 26, HISD Board Trustees approved a vendor award to Magnet Schools of America to conduct an external audit of HISD’s magnet program.

“This district and our board are strong proponents of school choice, but we need to take a hard look at what our magnet schools are doing and what is and is not working,” said Superintendent Terry Grier. “We need to strengthen and support our magnet schools but we also need to reevaluate some of our campuses that have a magnet program but are turning away neighborhood kids because they are at full capacity.”

The audit will take place in two phases. Phase one will review the governance of HISD’s magnet program as it is relates to the Board’s Beliefs and Visions.  Independent consultants will review funding, office support, procedures and practices, evaluation, and the public and community vision for the district’s magnet program

Phase two will include a site visit to every school with a magnet program by one of twelve consultants who will meet with staff and parents. The consultants will also analyze how magnet funds are budgeted and spent at every individual school.

“It is very important that our parents and community are aware that we are doing this to ensure that there are standards in place when it comes to magnet school funding, budgeting and student achievement,” said Board Trustee Mike Lunceford.”

The last assessment of HISD’s magnet program was conducted six years ago. Magnet Schools of America will be meeting with the committee that conducted the review as well using the assessment as a starting point for their audit.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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