Good Neighbor Team Looking Into Providing Seniors With Hurricane Preparedness Kits

May 15, 2009

Members of West U. Senior Board and the Good Neighbor team are looking into the feasibility of providing seniors with hurricane preparedness kits this season, in addition to the hurricane information they traditionally provide to the 150 registered seniors.


Two obstacles to the idea, which was discussed at this week’s Senior Board meeting, are getting donations for the packages and creating packages that are senior-friendly. According to Senior Board member and Good Neighbor Team member Mary Lee Gray, certain considerations need to be made – for example, many of the city’s seniors cannot carry gallon jugs of water, pallets of water or even open the smaller bottles of water.


Gray also says that the Good Neighbor Team has previously had a hard time getting donations because they are an entity of the city, not an individual non-profit organization. The Good Neighbor Team uses their small budget to visit the homes of registered senior three times a year with small gift bags. The gifts are not the sole purpose of the visit – by going to the homes, volunteers can check on the seniors and make sure they are doing well.


“We can’t take care if them in the way a family can, but we can stay in touch with them and help the ones we can help,” said Gray.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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