George Boehme Considering Run For West U. Mayor

February 10, 2009

George Boehme, 20-year West U. resident and owner of the Edloe Street Café and Deli, has announced he is considering a run for mayor of West U. in the upcoming May election.  


“If I run, I wouldn’t be running against anybody, I would be running because this is the city I live in and have a very fond appreciation for,” said Boehme, who would be joined on the ballot with current mayor Bob Kelly, who announced in January he would seek a second term.


Boehme considered a run for council in 1999, but never filed. Boehme, who moved to West U. in 1989, was the founder and publisher of the Examiner Newspaper Group, a community newspaper chain. The West U. Examiner was first published in 2001, and was eventually followed by the River Oaks Examiner, the Memorial Examiner and the Bellaire Examiner. Boehme sold the newspaper group to Houston Community Newspapers in 2006. Boehme purchased the Edloe Deli a year ago, in February of 2008.


“This is where I lived, where my kids go to school, and where I won the oldest business in the city,” said Boehme. “This is something I am thinking about doing.” Boehme has 10-year-old twins in the fourth grade at West U. Elementary.


Boheme says if he does run, it will not be because he thinks there is anything wrong with the current state of the city.


“Obviously, we passed a parks bond program, and we need to implement that, but I think the city overall is run very efficiently. I am not considering running because I think there is a problem,” he said.


Two of the eligible current councilmen – Bob Fry, Chuck Guffey – have announced they will run for a second term. Current councilman Michael Talianchich says he is not sure if he will run again, but might if he can find some “fiscal conservatives” to run on the ballot with him. Councilwoman Phyllis Cohen is serving her second term, and is not eligible to run again for council.


Steven Segal, Sunny Brandtner, Phillip Bryant and one unnamed resident have also picked up candidate packets.


The General Election will be held on May 9.  Voters will vote for mayor and four council members to serve a two-year term of office.  Each position is at-large.


The filing deadline is 5 p.m. on March 9.  Applications and accompanying documents may be obtained from the city secretary’s office in the Municipal Building, 3800 University Blvd.


April 9 is the last day for submitting voter registration applications in time to vote in this election or for requesting transfer of registration in time to vote in a new precinct.


InstantNewsWestu Staff

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