Free Electricity for a Year for One West U Family

March 6, 2013 and Champion Energy Services are partnering together to offer one West U family a year’s worth of free electricity.

“I am very excited about our partnership with Champion Energy, a company my family and I have used for years in our West U home, and the company I use at my business on Edloe,” said InstantNewsNetwork’s Managing Partner George Boehme. “Champion is known for superior service and excellent customer service – the chance to win free electricity for a year is just icing on the cake. How many times do you have an opportunity to get through a Houston summer without paying a dime for running your air-conditioning? This is just a win/win for West U residents.”

Take the Champion Energy “Look at Your Bill” Challenge to be eligible for this special offer. Click here to be entered to win free electricity for an entire year. will announce the winner on June 1.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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