Four Seats, Six Running: Recreation Facilities High On The List Of Issues For West U. Council Candidates

April 21, 2009

West U. residents will have an opportunity to vote in an entirely new set off council members on May 9, or could go with a mix of new and returning members. Current Mayor Bob Kelly is running unopposed, and will retake the helm for another two years.

Current Councilwoman Phyllis Cohen has hit her term limit, and is ineligible to run again Councilman Michael Talianchich resigned earlier this year due to illness. The remaining council members – Chuck Guffey and Bob Fry – are running to serve a second term.

With four council seats available, four other candidates are running, for a total of six names on the ballot. George Boehme, Phillip Bryant, Steven Segal and Brian Hoogendam are all asking West U. residents for their vote. asked all candidates a few questions, and their answers can be read here (candidates are listed in alphabetical order):


George Boehme

Philip Bryant

Bob Fry

Chuck Guffey

Brian Hoogendam

Steven Segal

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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