Four Residents Honored As Star Citizens

November 16, 2009

Two husband-and-wife teams will be honored tonight for their involvement in helping raise over $37,000 for parks in West University Place.

The city council will present West U. Star Citizen Awards to Anne and John Freeman and Courtney and Scott Archer, who co-chaired this year’s Fathers and Flashlights Urban Camping Event.

The Freemans and the Archers dedicated a lot of time and personal resources to producing the event. They coordinated a large group of volunteers that included board members of the Friends of West U. Parks, Friends Guild members, 250 moms and city staff members.

The Fathers and Flashlights event was held at West U. Elementary on Oct. 3 and 4, and it attracted about 450 kids and 250 fathers. All of the funds went to the Friends of West U Parks’ six-year playground redevelopment program.

This is the sixth round of Star Citizens Awards the city has given to West U. residents whose exemplary volunteer efforts have improved the quality of life in the community.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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