First Harris County Ballots for the Presidential Election in the Mail

September 24, 2012

The Office of Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart began mailing absentee ballots this week to military personnel and citizens living abroad for the Nov. 6, election.

This mail shipment is the first major public signpost that the election has begun.

The first batch of local mail ballots will be mailed on Saturday.

“My office has been humming with activity the last week finalizing the ballot and processing close to 45,000 mail ballot requests that have already been received for the Super Bowl of elections,” Stanart said. “We are anticipating over 100,000 mail ballot requests for this presidential election and are committed to making sure that each request is processed in a timely and efficient manner.”

During the 2008 Presidential election, the clerk’s office received 80,059 mail ballot requests.

“In an election year when the redistricting process may have changed your Election Day poll, I urge voters to vote early, whether it is by mail or in person,” Stanart said.

Harris County voters have until Oct. 30 to submit a mail ballot request if they are qualified to vote by mail.  For qualification requirements see

All registered voters may vote by personal appearance from Oct. 22 to Nov. 2 at any of the 37 early voting locations.  On Election Day, voters are required to vote at their precinct’s polling location.

For this election, the Harris County Clerk’s Office was chosen as one of 35 voting jurisdictions nationwide that received a grant to improve the process for our military and overseas voters to apply for, receive and track their ballots online.  Qualifying military and overseas voters should look under “Voting Info” at for details.

“The federally funded program is in place starting this election and it will increase efficiency and expedite ballot access service for Harris County voters serving in the military or living abroad,” Stanart said.

InstantNewsWestu Staff

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