Fans Cheering WULL Seniors

August 22, 2009

Video 61 00m 00sWest U Little Leaguer Matt O’Connor had one word as the Senior Division companions appeared on the big TV screen at Skeeter’s Grill.

“Awesome,” O’Connor said.

WULL Senior Division’s Southwest team the Western Division team from Fremont, Calif., in the championship game Saturday afternoon in Bangor, Maine. They are the first team from West University Place to compete in the Senior Division World Series.


Baseball is such an important part of life in the small community that the West U City Council is scheduled Monday to consider whether to hold a parade for the team on Sunday, August 30.

O’Connor was munching a hamburger while watching the championship game with his friend and teammate Jay Bhandari.

“It’s a lifetime event for all these players, really,” said Bob O’Connor, the youngster’s dad. “It’s really quite an accomplishment.”

Nearby, over at the Edloe Street Deli, youngsters and grown-ups burst into cheers when WULL All-Star Cole Lankford hit a home run. WULL All-Star Michael Resnick has hit four home runs in the championship tourney — a Series record.

Youngsters shared snacks and stared transfixed at the screens.

“A lot of my friends on one the seniors,” said West U Little Leaguer Ian Gibaut. “It’s amazing they’ve come so far.”

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